Poker and Pie Nights

Wednesday Nights are Poker & Pie Nights

Poker & Pie on Wednesdays is league poker with free pie for all players. There is no need to find league poker intimidating. If you know how to play poker, even if it’s just a little bit, or you are a bit rusty, you are still able to play.

League poker is where you can turn up a few times on and off or regularly every week.

When you turn up you get points and points according to where you finish in the game e.g. 1st 100 points, 2nd 80 points, 3rd 70 points etc.

At the end of a 13 week period it’s the 2 people with the most points that have the opportunity to go to a casino and play to win some money.

You can just come and play for small stakes, sheer fun, love of the game, social aspect and of course the free food.